About Us

Our Company

PostalCodeZip was founded to improve the online availability of geographic information like postcodes, localities, and streets. On the internet, this sort of geographic information can be difficult to find, so we decided to solve this problem by creating a platform that provides geographic content to individuals and companies. PostalCodeZip's database now covers around 250 countries, over 13 million cities, and well over 34 million streets and roads. We have also added subsections to the database, and these contain around one million individual pieces of information.


Our Website

Here at PostalCodeZip, we believe that information should be well organized. An organized website makes it much easier for customers to find the data that they need. Our website is deliberately simple to use, with clear language and text that is easy to read. We ensure all countries are listed in the datasets, and we have also created links to different transcontinental regions so that you can quickly and easily find the information you need, no matter what the country, by clicking on the region and the country, for example, North America and Canada. By keeping everything on the website organized, your user experience is straightforward and enjoyable.


Individuals and Company Owners

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you will, on occasion, urgently need to find information like navigation, a postcode, timezones, and visibility. The PostalCodeZip website allows users to download datasets, which gives you long-term access to the information that you need, whenever you need it.

We have created a Geocoding tool that helps brands be more visible through a feature that we call ''Popular Places." This feature lets you set up a locator for your business, and the locator pinpoints your company on the map. As an additional tool, you also have the ability to create accurate analytics and reports for your company.